Our Story

"Our obsession is creating a platform that brings art to people, so we can bring people to art"
- Liz Gilanyi, co-founder, artGuideBook

We are art lovers.

In Spring 2017, a group of technology and digital marketing specialists started researching different tools that could help us find galleries, museums, and artists in our hometown and in cities across the US.

We quickly realized there was no nationwide comprehensive platform for art exhibits, events, galleries, and museums. As industries are moving towards mobile technology and digital presence, we realized the solution to this problem was developing an innovative mobile app that provides galleries and museums a direct way to connect to art lovers and collectors locally and nationwide.

We started a year long process of extensively researching and vetting every art gallery and every art museum in every art market in the United States. After in-depth art buyer and art consumer market research and developing relationships with gallery owners and museum personnel,  we came to understand what information art consumers want to access and what information galleries and museums want to disseminate.

As a result we came up with artGuideBook - a mobile app that provides instantaneous access to nearby and nationwide exhibits, events, galleries, and museums. Ease of access, seamless navigation, bringing people to art.

Watch our video (and you'll fall in love with us)