The Platform

Finding your exhibits, events, and artwork has never been easier. All patrons have to do is press a button on their mobile phones!

artGuideBook is a mobile platform for art - a new mobile app where patrons can now directly access your exhibits, events, artwork, and more. All galleries and museums can list exhibits, events, contact information and showcases artwork. And every one of artGuideBook's "markets" has been vetted to ensure that all art venues are legitimate galleries or museums that showcase art.

artGuideBook mobile app automatically opens to showcase a directory, map, and calendar of nearby venues within a 10 miles radius. For a broader view or to explore other areas, users can navigate through a directory of states and cities. Most importantly users can navigate through the Explore button which allows name and keyword searches – connecting art lovers with museums, galleries, exhibits, artists, genres, events, and more – the entire US art world, through pressing a single button.

Finding Users

Once you sign up - let people know! An integral part of artGuideBook is you letting patrons know that your information is now accessible on mobile phones through the app. Galleries and museums across the country are doing the same - connecting the art world like never before!

Once a gallery or museum signs up we send them an App Kit detailing the many ways that they can let their patrons and followers know that their information can now be accessed directly on their mobile phones. After all, the best way to reach individuals who frequent galleries and museums is through galleries and museums!

artGuideBook also works with local art organizations, civic/government organizations & associations, local media, airports, hotels, and more.

Our Vision - lets build this together - watch our video below