What is artGuideBook mobile app?

artGuideBook mobile app is a promotional tool providing an easy-to-use platform to promote exhibits, artists, and events directly to your followers’ and patrons’ mobile phones.

artGuideBook mobile app automatically opens to showcase a directory, map, and calendar of nearby venues within a 10 mile radius.

For a broader view or to explore other areas, users can also navigate through a directory of 50 states and 500 cities and towns.

Lastly and most importantly users can navigate through the Explore button which allows name and keyword searches – connecting art lovers with museums, galleries, exhibits, artists, genres, events, and more – the entire US art world, through pressing a single button.

What's in the app?

Every one of artGuideBook's "markets" has been vetted to ensure that all art venues are legitimate galleries or museums that showcase art.

  • Thousands of art galleries and art museums.

  • Location-based screens that showcase nearby art events and art exhibits.

  • Dynamic search button that allows users to discover art everywhere.

  • 500+ markets with interactive maps, calendars, and directories of galleries and museums.

  • Personalized Gallery and Museum pages with exhibit and event information and images.